At Peace Lutheran Primary School we aim to develop the individual student as a unique creation of God with unique gifts, talents and needs.  Using the Australian Curriculum, the LEA Vision for Learners and Learning, and the Melbourne Declaration, Peace strives to deliver a quality education nurturing the hearts and minds of students. 

At Peace we believe that:

  • Each child is an individual, created by God with unique strengths and abilities
  • Learning is a developmental process; children learn at different rates and times
  • The building of relationships is central to effective teaching and learning

Key Learning Areas at Peace include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Christian Studies
  • Science
  • HASS - including Geography, History, Civics & Citizenship
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Music
  • The Arts
  • Technologies
  • Bounce Back and Games Factory
  • Personal Development

As a Christian school our Christian Studies Curriculum forms the basis for the education and pastoral care of our students. It forms a vital part of the whole school Christian education along with activities such as school worship and devotions. The Christian Studies Curriculum Framework (CSCF) provides a structure for Christian Studies in which students can explore a range of religious and non- religious perspectives set in the context of the whole Christian education experience of the school.

Arts Council/Cultural Experiences: The cost of two arts council performances/cultural experiences a year is contained in school fees.  The school hosts performances that teachers feel would be valuable for the students to enhance their curriculum or perhaps enforce the school values.  Experiences vary from year to year.

Bounce Back: Peace integrates the Bounce Back, Circling, Games Factory and school values into units of work developed to ensure children’s resilience.  These programs have helped young people cope with the complexity of their everyday lives and learn to 'bounce back' when they experience sadness, difficulties, frustrations and hard times. These programs have increased children's knowledge and skills and have helped maintain a positive school climate.

Buddy Program: Each class at Peace has a buddy class and children in these classes get together to help and support each other.  Buddy classes spend time together eating lunch, undertaking a sporting or creative activity, reading together or just doing something nice for each other.

BYOD at Peace: As new technologies continue to change the world in which we live, they also provide many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. To encourage this growth, students in Years 5 and 6, and students in other year levels by negotiation, at Peace Lutheran Primary School may now bring their own iPad device to campus.

With the introduction of the Technologies Curriculum Peace has embraced iPad’s as a tool for students to engage with and respond to learning within their classroom and home environments. IPads do not replace the use of more traditional methods of teaching and assessment; rather they enhance them through alternative avenues of researching, exploring, developing and producing work in their classrooms.

Peace continues to explore this new curriculum through Professional Development for teachers and continual review of our procedures and practices using iPads and devices in the classroom.  

Camps and Excursions: Camping is an integral part of our curriculum program. Peace has an annual school camping/excursion programme that operates for all classes. Camps have direct links to the curriculum and are planned to give children a wide cross section of experiences. Camps begin with a one night sleep-over in Year 1, 2 and 3 and Years 4, 5 and 6 spending spending 3 days and two nights at camp. Previous years’ camps have included exciting sleepovers at Underwater World, camps at Emu Gully, Binna Burra and Tallebudgera.

Classroom Music: Children at Peace participate in weekly music lessons conducted by our music specialist teacher.  Private lessons are also made available depending on the access to instrumental teachers.

Dance Fever: Each year in term 4 the Dance Fever Company conducts dance lessons with all classes.  This culminates in an end of year school dance.

Education Support and Short courses Children with special learning needs are closely monitored and tracked Individual Education Programs are organized where necessary. Short courses maybe put together by classroom teachers to support any children needing consolidation of a skill or topic and run under the supervision of a teacher assistant. 

Resource Centre:  Our teacher librarian and library assistant staff support children and teachers with research, resources and reading material.  Organized lunch time activities encourage children to access the Resource Centre duringbreaks.  Children are encouraged to borrow reading material from the library regularly.

Sister school in PNG: Peace has a sister school in PNG giving students opportunity to appreciate and value another culture and way of life.  As sister schools we encourage and support each other in the Christian faith.  In undertaking this relationship we recognize global citizenship and service learning, which are at the heart of the Lutheran school, and we seek to encourage Lutheran Education Australia’s (LEA) work as an arm of the ministry of Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) through the Board for Mission.

Sporting Program: Inclusive fees cover the cost of many sporting activities - dance fever, fees for buses to sporting activities, registration fees, swimming lessons and entry into the pool.

All students participate in weekly Physical Education Lessons lead by the Physical Education Teacher and supplemented by the classroom teachers.  Year 5 and 6 participate in interschool sporting opportunities such as soccer, cricket, netball and softball each term.  After school sports practice is offered ‘in season’ and extra-curricular activities are offered through interested teachers and community members.  

Our sports houses - Amity (Peace), Creed (Faith) and Valour (Courage) - compete in swimming, athletics and cross county competitions.  Age champion medals are awarded at the swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals to children in year 4-7. Because the children in P-3 are still young and developing their skills, the sporting focus is based on non-competitive, fun activities where all children can participate and receive a sense of achievement.