P & F Supports our children and school through fundraising and promoting community with all school parents

Who we are!

We are parents and friends of children at Peace just like you. As part of the parent body, we encourage you to attend meetings with P&F so you can express your ideas and be involved.

Come along and help support the Peace Community.


President: Luke Rickuss

Vice President: Jeanette Weier

Secretary: Rodney Logan

Treasurer: Emma Goos

What we do!

P&F has two key roles in the school. Firstly, to help build community through involvement in various events. Secondly to fundraise and work with the staff to assist in providing facilities and resources for our children.


How we do it!

 Art & Craft Show, Tuckshop, Fundraisers, Family Movie Night and lots more!

New ideas always welcome!

Some of what P&F help fund

Air Conditioners, Prep area play truck, Fencing, Music room equipment, Cameras for teachers to digitally record children’s work, Sandpit, Shade, Classroom resources, Teacher ‘Wishlists’

Meeting Dates

Monday 9th March
Monday 20th April
Monday 11th May
Monday 8th June
Monday 20th July
Tuesday 11th August
Monday 14th September
Monday 12th October
Monday 16th November (includes AGM)

P&F meetings are held  in the library commencing at 5:30pm.