Ownership & Governance

Peace Lutheran Primary School is a school of the Peace Lutheran Church Congregation, Gatton. It operates under the guidance and advice of Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ).

The school council deals with governance of the school including development of strategic planning documents, policy, budgets and stewardship of the school. The management, operation and educational leadership of the school are administered by the Principal.

School Council consists of volunteers who are committed to the future development of our school. Members are selected according to a specific skill set that is needed to complement the skills of existing members.

Any person wishing to communicate with the school council should do so through the Chairperson. However, all issues relating to the school should firstly be raised with the Principal.

Council Members:
David Haak (Chair)
Geoffrey Steinhardt
Matthew Sippel
Helen Wittman
Leon Steinhardt

Ex Officio:
Janelle Turner (Principal)
Karianne Berlin (Business Manager)
Sonia Gillis (Deputy Principal)