Our Mission:

A Christ centred community nurturing and inspiring children’s hearts and minds – Peace strives to achieve academic excellence in a quality educational setting that recognises and values children’s individuality.

We believe:

  • the Bible is the supreme authority for Christian faith and life
  • each person is a unique creation of God;
  • we should achieve the best we can;
  • learning is a developmental process
  • the building of relationships is central to effective teaching and learning;
  • serving others is the best way to show our appreciation of God’s love and
  • the Holy Spirit leads students, staff, parents and the wider community to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ and find meaning in their lives.

Shared Understanding: We believe that all learners must be valued and respected. They deserve encouragement and need to experience success. We recognise that they learn in different ways and that they can accept more responsibility for their learning and more independence as they grow older.Our students need to be taught how to learn, reflect, think deeply, organise themselves and manage time. We know that children learn best when:

  • the learning environment is safe, supportive and sets high expectations;
  • individual needs are met;
  • they have a shared understanding of expectations;
  • new units of work build on previous knowledge and understanding;
  • they are appropriately challenged;
  • they engage in authentic and relevant real-life tasks;
  • diversity is celebrated and reflection is actively encouraged:
  • learning is driven by curiosity and there is the freedom to explore, ask questions and take risks
  • learning involves active partnerships with parents, peers, teachers and members of the Church and the wider community.