Pastoral Care: While all staff pastorally care for students peace employs a formal Pastoral Carer under the National Chaplaincy Funding Program - an initiative of the Federal Government. The pastoral carer currently works 2 days pre week to provide support and guidance for children, families and staff. Pastoral care focusses on holistic support of the individual with emotional and spiritual support. Pastor James Haak, Pastor of Peace Congregation, is also available for pastoral care & crisis management.

Student Leadership at Peace:

At Peace Lutheran Primary School we aim to provide a safe place where children, staff, parents and the community can experience the joy of learning and growing together through Christ. This includes: taking up the challenge to grow as individuals, build new, caring relationships, discover new worlds, change our lives and touching the community well beyond the school gate.

Through the school’s teaching and learning program, students are given opportunities to grow as individuals and develop as young leaders of the school that will touch the community well beyond their years at Peace.

A leadership passport is given to senior school students in Year 5 and outlines the requirements for holding student leadership positions at Peace Lutheran Primary School.  Qualities students are encouraged to demonstrate include:

  • Persistence
  • Confidence
  • Work ethic
  • Respect – myself, others, property
  • Resilience
  • Sportsmanship

Students nominate themselves for a leadership role which could include School, Worship, Sports, Library and ICT, Service and Arts captains. Leaders support teachers in the day to day running of worship, assembly and the many activities provided throughout the school week during lunchtimes.

Extra curricular activities

Lunch time activities include:

Chess club – a group that meets once a week and engages in the strategy game of chess. Students of all ages play using the regular boards in the library as well as the outdoor chess board in the patio area.

Drama club - once a week in the music room students engage in drama games. These include theatre sport style games, performance technique lessons for confidence building, improvisation games, group building activities, script writing and written script performances.

Drumming circle - this creative outlet encourages children to beat the drum and create music. Partnering with the Pastoral Care program students learn how to work as a group while expressing themselves independently. Combinations of rhythms played on percussion instruments and melodies on xylophones combine to assist building self-esteem which can be transferred to the classroom and other areas of life.

Choir - a small group of students meet once a week and rehearse singing together for fun and for performances in the community. Our choir has sung for School Worship, Sunday worship, on visits to the Nursing home, ladies guild community Harmony days and Christmas and Senior Citizen week events, and competed in eisteddfods and local competitions.

Fun room - Mrs Della organises fun room activities 3 lunchtimes a week. These activities include colouring in, drawing, watching old cartoons and many other creative activities. Box room is held once a week where children go crazy building creations out of boxes, it's the highlight of the school week. At the end of term a disco is held to celebrate the terms activities.

Eco Warriors – Students in this group have been instrumental in the implementation of our school recycling and has connected with the local recycling provider, Anuha, who is also a part of our church community. The LVRC supports this group with information and visits to share information about what's happening in our community in relation to the environment. Eco Warriors have built and maintain a vegie garden and are presently growing rosemary to be used on Remembrance Day. This group is led by one of our teachers, Mr J and strongly supported by our Service Captain and parent volunteers.

Primary Colours Art Club - our art club meets once a week and spends time together creating many and varied works of art. Under the guidance of Mr Trappett students are encourage to develop their artistic skills in various activities. Children display their work in the library.

Library activities – our library is open most days of the week with our Library and ICT Captains supporting Miss Mibus and the library staff in providing a number of activities. Some of these include dress ups, playing Wii, colouring, board games and general quiet reading.